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Bentley showroom opening night

Director Huw Feeney attended the grand opening of the new Bentley and Maserati showroom on the Gold Coast, a property proudly managed by FAL Property Group.

The new $25-million luxury car showroom, on the corner of Ferry Road and Brolga Avenue, Southport is home to Autosports Group Limited (ASG). The design of the new building wraps around the corner street frontage with sleek lines to complement those of the prestige vehicles housed within the nearly 1,800sqm of showrooms inside.

On the evening, ASG unveiled the new Bentley Continental GT convertible, the pinnacle of open-top luxury Grand Touring.

Guests were treated to the culinary delights of Burleigh landmark restaurant Rick Shores, voted Delicious Magazine’s #1 restaurant in Queensland (2017) and #2 restaurant in Queensland (2018).


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